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General Competition Rules
Compo machines
Definition of winners
Registration and reception of works
HiEnd competitions
LowEnd competitions
Other competitions
Realtime competitions
Preliminary schedule

 LowEnd competitions

LowEnd 256b Intro

  • Intro for ZX-Spectrum/C64/AmstradCPC/NES/BK/...
  • Works for ZX should start without basic-loader.
  • Time limit: 3 minutes.


LowEnd Demo

  • Demo for ZX-Spectrum/C64/AmstradCPC/NES/BK/...
  • C64: file formats allowed PRG or D64.
  • ZX-Spectrum: file formats allowed SCL, TRD or TAP.
  • ZX-Evo: any supported format.
  • Time limit: 10 minutes.


Enhanced LowEnd Demo

  • Demo for retro computers with enhanced features (example configuration ZX-tsconf, or demo using NeoGS, ZX Spectrum Next, ZX-Uno, etc.), and Sega, unexpanded Amigas like A500, A600 or A1200, etc.
  • Insert customized emulator and description of launch.
  • Time limit: 10 minutes.


LowEnd Graphics

  • Works for ZX-Spectrum/C64/AmstradCPC/BK/...
  • All graphics works should have a minimum 3 intermediate phases in the archive.
  • Conversions without additional revision are not accepted.
  • Party version shouldn't show the signature of the author/group.
  • Images with porn elements are not accepted.
  • The border will be set to 0 during demonstration.
  • Availability of PNG/GIF version for online voting.


ZX Spectrum AY/YM-Music

  • Works can be made with any AY-editor, or executable module with non-standart player.
  • Use soundcard TurboSound (by NedoPC) allowed.
  • The source of the module should be attached.
  • An allocated channels for playing by default is ABC.
  • Time limit: 3 minutes.
  • Availability of MP3/OGG version for online voting.


ZX Spectrum Beeper Music

  • Musics can be made with any Beeper editor (ZX-Spectrum or PC).
  • Module must be compiled to executable Basic file or data file with total instruction about places of player and initialization and name of tracker.
  • The source of the module should be attached.
  • Time limit: 3 minutes.
  • Maximum 2 entries by each author in compo.
  • Availability of MP3/OGG version for online voting.

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DiHalt 2023 is a festival of computer art, which will take a place on January, 5-6-7 in Nizhny Novgorod. More than 20 times DiHalt gathers the most progressive enthusiasts in different directions of computer art from Russia and from the neighbor countries.
- You can participate in competitions with works created for PC, Amiga, ZX-Spectrum and other 8bit computers.

- Previously released material is not allowed.
- Copyrighted material can only be used with authors permission.
- Each work should have a representative (determined by the author) to present it on the party and receive the prizes. In any case the author of the winning work will receive the diploma (by mail).

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